Welcome to The Full Circle Community

Reconnecting with Ancient Cacao Traditions to Enrich Our Everyday Lives

Why The Full Circle?

In The Full Circle Community, we bring the ancient wisdom of the Mayan people directly to you, so that you can enrich your everyday life with a deep understanding of how to use cacao to it's fullest potential. Through our community, you will have the opportunity to get beyond the superficial and understand cacao on the deepest possible level, incorporating cacao into your life through rituals and practices that have the potential to be truly life-changing.

The Results You'll Get

We’re focused on the ways cacao can make a huge difference in your life.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of The Full Circle Community:

  • Enhance your connection with ceremonial cacao through rituals rooted in the Mayan tradition.
  • Learn from and honour the indigenous Mayan culture in way that has you feeling empowered to use cacao in your life and your community. 
  • Deepen relationships with fellow members around the globe who share your love of cacao and ancient wisdom. 
  • Create a deeper connection with yourself, others, and the Earth through shared experiences and support.

When You Join Today

When you join The Full Circle today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Ceremonial Cacao Courses: Be the first to know about and access premium courses that allow you to go even deeper into the world of ceremonial cacaon and it's usage.
  • Live Workshops & Online Events: Attend live online circles that allow us to connect in real time and encourage self-reflection, community connection and support.
  • Learn & Explore: Dive into the different topics that mean the most to you, ask questions and receive expert guidance and advice from us at Full Circle in real time and be fully supported and nurtured on your path of self-development